About Girls

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biggest hypocrats in india is “”Girls””.

1) On one hand they want us to treat them equal. On the other hand, they are the first one to break the queue. Whether its a railway station, bank or even metros.



They do have separate queues at certain places but that does not include all of them & in case you try to intervene their foremost reply will be “”Ladies Line””.



2) Even if they are physically fit to stand in a metro rail, they won’t. They don’t even give their seats to senior citizen & I have seen instances where a girl of 20’s have asked a man in his late 70’s or may be 80’s to vacate the seat reserved for ladies.



That’s a real shame.They sit on seats reserved for senior citizen as if they are one and if a real senior citizen comes they will put on their headphones and pretend as if they haven’t seen him.



(My intention is not to harm any sentiments & also I am not saying that all the girls are the same but as far as i have noticed its true in up to 70% of the cases & I am anon for an obvious reason)”


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