दुनिया के दो रंग

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एक पिता एक मेगजीन पढ रहे थे. उनकी छोटी लडकी उनके आस पास इधर उधर घूम रही थी और पिता को परेशान कर रही थी. तो पिता ने मेगजीन से भारत के नक्शे वाला पेज फाडा और उसके छोटे छोटे टुकडे किए और लडकी को देकर कहा: इस नक्शे को जोडकर दिखाओ.

‪#‎पिता‬ को मालूम था कि लडकी को नक्शा जोडने मेँ पूरा दिन लग जाएगा. लेकिन उस लडकी कुछ ही मिनटो मेँ पूरा नक्शा जोड दिया..! यह देखकर पिता को अचरज हुआ…

और लडकी से पूछा कि बेटा तुमने इतनी जल्दी नक्शा कैसे जोड लिया..?? लडकी ने जवाब दिया..

“”पापा इस नक्शे वाले पेज के दूसरी तरफ एक आदमी का चेहरा था..इस नक्शे को बराबर जोडने के लिए मैने उस आदमी के चेहरे को जोड दिया और नक्शा भी जुड गया.”

इतना कहकर लडकी खेलने के लिए बाहर चली गई

और पिता अचरज पूर्वक उसको देखते ही रह गये..


हम ‪दुनिया‬ में जो महसूस करते है उसकी दूसरी तरफ भी एक दुनिया हैं । हम पर कभी मुश्किल आये तो डरने के बजाय उसकी दूसरी तरफ भी देखना चाहिए जहाँ इस मुश्किल को पार करने का आसान विकल्प भी हो सकता है ।

कभी यह बात मत भूलो …

”दुनिया मेँ हर चीज के दो पहलू होते हैं अब यह बात आप पर निर्भर करती है कि आप

किस नजरिए से देखते हो..”


About Girls

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biggest hypocrats in india is “”Girls””.

1) On one hand they want us to treat them equal. On the other hand, they are the first one to break the queue. Whether its a railway station, bank or even metros.



They do have separate queues at certain places but that does not include all of them & in case you try to intervene their foremost reply will be “”Ladies Line””.



2) Even if they are physically fit to stand in a metro rail, they won’t. They don’t even give their seats to senior citizen & I have seen instances where a girl of 20’s have asked a man in his late 70’s or may be 80’s to vacate the seat reserved for ladies.



That’s a real shame.They sit on seats reserved for senior citizen as if they are one and if a real senior citizen comes they will put on their headphones and pretend as if they haven’t seen him.



(My intention is not to harm any sentiments & also I am not saying that all the girls are the same but as far as i have noticed its true in up to 70% of the cases & I am anon for an obvious reason)”

पतझड़ संसार

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किसी की चाहत में बर्बाद हो गए,

अपने ही खुशियों के खिलाफ हो गए

चले थे हम खुशियाँ देने सबको,

आज खुद हम अपनी खुशियों के मोहताज हो गए ।

जिंदगी न रौशन हुई , न आयी वो वक्त-ये-बहार,

हम तन्हा यूँ गुंजन करते रहे, सब चले गए हो गया पतझड़ संसार। 

शाम की धुंध क्यों आज सुबह भी कायम है

हर दिन में ते रात सी तन्हाई क्यों है

रुख तो था बस प्यार ही प्यार का,

तो ये ज़िन्दगी में आई ऐसी जुदाई क्यों है

हम तो थे हिमायत सभी के मेरे राम

हम ही लूट गए, तेरे इस वस्त्र की ऐसी सिलाई क्यों है,

ज़रा मुझ पर भी तो उपकार कर,

निकाल ले मुझे इस पतझड़ संसार से,

प्रफुल्लित होती थी बस बहार-ए-खुशबु

तो आज ऐसी बेवफाई क्यों है???


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Many of us are not content with many things in our lives.  We see things that we do not have and then complain.  We see something new at our neighbor’s house, and we feel envy from within. As the saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” We seem to always want or need something that we do not have. There is always that feeling of discontent and frustration from not being able to do something or get something we do not have. But happiness cannot be found in the material things that we achieve in life. It is not from the achievements that we gain from our careers. Happiness can come every day if you learn to see the world with a thankful heart.


One very important thing you need to get rid of is envy. Learn to be happy for other people’s success. We are all given our own blessings. You will get your fill in due time according to your hard work.  It just so happens that your neighbors received theirs sooner. Learn to congratulate others for their success, and use their example to motivate you to aim for your own success.  Tell yourself, “I want that for myself too, and I will work hard to get it.”


If you think you have problems or you are unfortunate, think of others who have so much less than you. If you have family problems, think of those who never had a family at all to come home to. If you think you are poor and have so little, think of those who have nothing to eat and live in the streets. No matter how low you feel you are, there is always someone else out there who would love to trade places with you.


Discontent is brought about by too many expectations. You may be aiming too high that you fail to see what you have now. It’s okay to have a goal and want things for yourself.  But if you let your goals hinder you from seeing the good things that come your way, then you are totally missing the point.  The point of having goals is to find happiness. If you miss the little things that can make you happy, then you’ve failed. Don’t look too far ahead. What you are looking for just might be right beside you.


Lastly, when you feel you are a failure because of the things that you do not have, change your way of thinking and begin to see the things you have that you can be thankful for. Simplify your life by simply saying “Thank you” for the littlest blessings. As you wake up each day, be thankful for another waking morning and that you have another day of  life. Before and after eating, be thankful that you have something to eat because you know that there are others who don’t have anything at all. Be thankful for the people in your life because there are others who have no one to turn to. And at night, before you close your eyes, be thankful for surviving another day without any accidents or problems that others somewhere else in the world may be experiencing that very moment.